Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update from Winston's Forever Home!

Winston has turned out to be a great dog and an absolutely PERFECT
companion for Chloe, our other dog. They are best buds, play continuously,
and are even good with sharing toys and food.

Winston is very birdy, and loves doing laps in our backyard, checking out
the birds and occasional airplane. Oddly enough, he pays no interest in
our cockatiel. Winston has done great with our kids, and has really bonded with me. He'll come over and put his paws on my shoulder and give me a hug. I'll send some pics of him and chloe soon.

best regards,
Mark Cochrane

Monday, February 19, 2007

Winston---already home?

Winston came in today from Ohio and was picked up by Lisa at Wild Oats in Hinsdale then brought to me in Downers Grove. He met fur kids Audrey, Bart, Rupert, Tony, and Willow and got along with all of them very well. Next, we took a ride over to my coworker Chris' house to meet her kids so we could see how he did with them. They squeezed him, hugged him, cuddled him and he LOVED IT. SO he passed the kid test! Then Chris showed him the cockatiel. He sat down, looked at it, then went on his way exploring the house. He passed the bird test!
Off we went for a bath to wash off that stinky shelter smell, get a nail trim and an ear cleaning, all of which Winston was an absolute angel for. I think he was happy to get that stinky smell off of him too. Then after getting mostly dry and wearing Audrey's borrowed pink coat to keep warm we headed off to our ultimate destination....The Cochrane Family's House.
There was a reason why he had been through so many tests in one day and this was his time to shine.....and SHINE HE DID!!!
Winston walked into the Cochrane's house like he had lived there all his life. He met Chloe, their 1 yr. old English setter/golden mix; and they were immediate best friends. He gave all the kids, 3,5 and 8 cuddles and kisses. And Mom and Dad couldn't believe what they were seeing! Frankly, neither could I! HE is such a happy, confident, playful, skinny, little dog and just what they were hoping for. Since IBR doesn't usually adopt dogs out without them being in foster care for a period of time first the Cochrane's are going to "foster to adopt" just in case any unforeseen issues do come up, but I don't really see that happening. Things work out this way for a reason.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We have a foster home for Winston!

Winston is a darling Orange and White American Field English Setter and currently weighs a petite 25 lbs at the tender age of 8 months old. We have secured a foster home for him and Winston will get on his way to foster care this weekend---starting his journey for a brand new life.